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JKD in Israel


Jun Fan Gung FuJeet Kune DoJ K D - COMBAT SYSTEM


About our JKD club

The fighting art of JKD is the result of the enormous work and persistence of Bruce Lee. Since, it has absorbed all progress in the field of martial arts, having rejected all imperfect and inapplicable movements to real fighting. Bruce Lee certainly took lessons from others and learned from his own mistakes then transferring his conclusions to every day living. That ended up as being JKD.
A person whom is creative and fanatic in character will probably be capable of enjoying JKD. Its essence consists not only of learning the technical aspects and practical skills, but of understanding the intellectual side of it as well.
Our club puts down as a basis the methods and techniques which are JKD and we continue to develop the idea. Only can someone by himself get closer to perfection, and to what extent depends on his or her drive and ability.
The headquarter school is located in Uzbekistan, Tashkent.


History of our club JKD

In the early 90`s, arrived in Uzbekistan the Korean master – Khan Un Bok, who came to be one of the founders and organizers of the JKD club.
Trained with an eastern approach, Khan Un Bok`s training of fighters can be divided into two stages.
The first stage (Jun Fan) consists of technical and physical training. In JKD great attention is paid to the general physical preparation.
The basic techniques of JKD include footwork, kicking, punching, impact blocking and throwing, as well as attacking and defence.

- Footwork/ bodywork and 2 stances.
- Body balance in moving.
- Hand formations
- Punching / elbows use.
- Kicking / knees use.
- Grabbing, locks and throws techniques.
- Grappling techniques.

Blocking is subdivided into 8 basic techniques of “trapping high” and 8 basic techniques of “trapping low”, 9 basic techniques of “open hands” and 7 basic techniques of “closed hands” and in addition there are four basic blocking using the palm, fore-arm and elbow.
This stage grapples with various martial arts, such as: Jun Fan Gung Fu and Chin Na and some other techniques, including different fighting conditions. Intermediate training puts emphasis on skill development in the realm of footwork and kickboxing techniques, hand flow and reactions, trapping and locking, focus on distance and timing, entering the opponents niche, tripping the opponent, the five ways of attack, kicking combinations, defending disciplines and counter to counter drills.
The purpose of the fighting is to disturb and break the opponents bio-rhythm, to confuse his actions, to demoralize the contender, and achieve immediate advantage.
JKD is comprised of a very high level technique of “borrowing energy” for offence and defensive actions. It is a system that is externally hard and internally soft, based on Yin & Yang.
As to the second stage (Kem Bo) of JKD, Khan Un Bok intends to educate the pupil as to the subject of using speed and power.
The theory of Yin and Yang is very much used in training and actual tactics, while yin is used to move fluently, without wasting energy, and for close contact, yang presents weighty impact in full length and might.
According to the Tai-Chi aspect of JKD, there are four energies which are part of existence, that are:
physical endurance, power of breathing, strength of sight, and cosmic energy which is connected to the persons mind. These forces put to use all at once have an enormous effect.
Flow of energy is considered as a concern regarding the whole practice, and balancing the body and spirit are taken in to account at every given moment and necessary point.
Application of such techniques during actual fight, allows special dexterity, and unique speed. Fighting one or more opponents, can be held on an open ground or in a restricted surrounding.

JKD is a complete system of training. It involves much more then just kicks and forms, and is meant for serious people, who are able to show commitment.
Bruce Lee aspired to leave the framework of classical martial art, in order to get rid of traditional rituals. He appreciated at its utter most the display of individuality.
The fighters creativity is more important that any fixed style or system, so said he. In JKD various techniques, methods can be used, as long as they are efficient.

Master Khan Un Bok

Kim Mikhail

Rodger Fayziev

Evgeniy Lim

Konstantin Tsoy

Akrom Batabaev

Dmitry Yuferov

Oleg Yugay

Uzbekistan, Tashkent - '96

Uzbekistan, Uchkuduk '97

Uzbekistan, Tashkent - 21.09.02