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JKD in Israel


Jun Fan Gung FuJeet Kune DoJ K D - COMBAT SYSTEM



1.  The economy-tight structure in attack and defense (attack: the alive leads / defense: sticking hands).
2.  The versatile and "artless-artful," "total" kicking and striking weapons.
3.  The broken rhythm, the half-beat and the one or ¾ beat (JKD's rhythm in attack and counter).
4.  Weight training and scientific supplementary training plus all-around fitness.
5.  The "JKD direct movement" in attacks and counters - throwing from where it is without repositioning.
6.  The shifty body and light footwork.
7.  The "un-crispy" stuff and unassuming attacking tactics.
8. Strong in-fighting:

a. shifty blasting
b. throwing
c. grappling
d. immobilizations

9.  All-out sparring and the actual contact training on moving targets.
10. The sturdy tools through continuous sharpening.
11. Individual expression rather than mass product; aliveness rather than classicalism (true relationship).
12. Total rather than partial in structure.
13. The training of "continuity of expressive self" behind physical movements.
14. Loose power and powerful thrust-drive as a whole. A springy looseness but not a physically lax body. Also, a pliable mental awareness.
15. The constant flow (straight movement and curved movement combined - up and down, curved left and right, sidesteps, bobbing and weaving, hand circles).
16. Well-balanced posture of exertion during movement, constantly. Continuity between near all-out and near all-loose.

1. Always keep moving.
2. Be prepared for counters.
3. Develop cat-like movements.
4. Make your opponent wrestle your way.
5. Be aggressive; make your opponent think

1. Don't cross your legs.
2. Don't commit your arms to deeply.
3. Don't chase your opponent.
4. Don't rely on one takedown; be ready for other openings.
5. Don't let your opponent circle you.